Photo Credit Michaela Loheit

Flowers and Meanings

Let flowers speak. The possibilities to give flowers away and surprise someone are endless. But fewer people know about the importance of the meaning of flowers. The symbolic language of flowers has a long history and originates from their colors, appeals, and looks . It dates back to the early ages of humanity. Until now, flowers still have their particular meanings and expressions. Often described in poems and literature, here are some flowers and their silent words.

A short guide to flower meanings


The queen of flowers. Sold the most worldwide. The rose stands for passion and love. Lighter shades of red display tender emotions.


Yellow carnations symbolize reluctance. In red, the flower was once a symbol of the working class movement. In white it says, the giver is still available.


They stand for a few things. People, who are too demanding often receive sunflowers, but the flower also represents warmth and happiness. Lastly, the flower reminds of the sun. These are positive meanings, and this should be the first ones, which come to mind when giving flowers.


Tulips are the second most popular flower. The darker the color, the stronger the expressions of feelings. Black stands for flaming passion, red for love and white means; there are not many feelings involved for the recipient at all.


This flower stands for vanity and might be ideal for egocentric people. On the other side it's a spring flower, and therefore, it stands for fertility. In China, it's been treated as a symbol of luck.


Gerberas are given to colleagues or neighbors to thank them. Thank you for being here is the message a bright Gerbera delivers.


Stands for cheerfulness in a hard life. Don’t let yourself down; it can only get better. It's a symbol of the emperor’s house in Japan.


Lilies are majestic and beautiful. White lilies are a symbol of innocence and virginity. The yellow ones stand for envy and falsehood.


Daisies display naturalness and goodness. Very matching in a field flower bouquet, if included.


Present this flower to recipients, if the giver feels an attraction towards them. Not more, not less. The flower does not represent bigger emotions.


A flower that represents wealth, prosperity, and fortune. It is also the flower symbolizing friendship.


This exotic beauty represents refinement, thoughtfulness, and mature charm. It also symbolizes proud femininity.


A strength of character, faithfulness, and honor comes with this flower. The gladiolus flower signifies remembrance.


A sign of purity and sweetness. Evidence of a secret love. They convey joy and tell the receiver you are so wonderful.


The aster stands for patience and is an indicative of love of variety. It also symbolizes elegance and daintiness.


Daffodils stand for regard and chivalry. Rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life, as well as unrequited love, are shown with this flower. A single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicates joy and happiness.


This flower displays hospitality and expresses happiness and abundance.