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Gift Florist 2000 - flower delivery with the best wedding bouquets and corsages

Gift Florist 2000 is a local Singaporean flower store located in Ang Mo Kio Street, but the shop delivers worldwide as short as the next day. Flowers and gifts must be ordered in time to use this service. By 2 pm Singapore time. Gift Florist 2000 is the kind of the shop next door with a wide selection regarding flower bouquets and gifts. Having a look is worthwhile.

Flower delivery fees are higher than other shops; that might be due Gift Florist 2000 is not part of a big flower delivery chain. Other than that, the flower prices are lower in comparison to other shops. If customers are in a hurry, quick orders can be made by SMS.

The florist's website is quite colorful and easy to use but maybe a bit too flashy.

Next to the wide range of different flower bouquets, Gift Florist 2000 has got a good variety of birthday cakes, wines, champagne and stuffed animals. Customers will find cheap, wallet-friendly gift options.

Wedding Flowers are a specialty of the shop. The choice is wide and goes from bridal bouquets, chair deco flowers, flowers to wear, reception flowers and much more. It is fair to say Gift Florist 2000 is an expert regarding wedding flowers, corsages and table arrangements. Ensure having the best bouquets for what is supposed to be the best day in life. Customers, who want to buy some artificial wedding flowers, will make a find in the Silk Flower section.

Their plant section is bigger compared to other shops and therefore the store has got the best plants available. Bonsais, Orchids, and Cactus in decor pots are available.

There are a few occasions Gift Florist 2000 provides flower bouquets for, other shops don’t have. For example Secretary’s day, Moon Cake Festival, Hari Raya, and Deepavali.

Payments are handled secure and can be made with standard credit cards. Also, Gift Florist is part of social networking platforms, such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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